Book Genre Says About You

You’ve probably heard that you can tell a lot about person from their choice of music, or their favorite color. Well the same can be said about the type of books a person prefers.

How to Sell PLR eBooks On Amazon The Right Way

PLR (Private Label Rights) eBooks have been around for quite some time and they seem to have an important role in the develop

The world's first ereader hit store shelves in 2007. The Amazon Kindle was a one-of-a-kind, and the first device dedicated entirely to holding one's personal library.

So you just got an awesome new Kindle, and you’ve filled it up with free eBooks. Want to add some of your other documents to it though?

Amazon sold more than 4 million Kindles this holiday season, and there is a good chance you may have been one of those consumers.

If you download eBooks from eBookJunkie in PDF format, but want to read them on your Kindle, Sony Reader, Kobo or any other device than w