Art & Photography

Directing Your First Film, For “Reel”

Making Your First Feature Film, For Reel – Sure, plenty of people go broke putting together a film that ends up looking as amateurish as you feel. This doesn't have to happen.

Get Paid to Take Digital Photos

Not many people know that you can make a good living just by selling photos over the Internet.

Video Artisan

Video Artisan will teach you how to earn a living from professional videography.

Post Exposure: Advanced Techniques For The Photographic Printer

This book is not a primer on photographic printing. I’m not going to tell you how to develop a roll of film or process a print, and I assume you have a working knowledge of photography.

Digital Photography Exposed

Everything you have ever wanted to know about digital photography in one book. Learn some of the tips and tricks of the pros.

Film Making - Learn Basics to Becoming a Film Maker

This ebook will teach you the basics of film making. Start your own film making studio at home! To begin with, in a nutshell, film making is broken down into three parts.