Children's Books

Children's Stories With A Moral

Two children's stories with beautiful illustrations

Peter Pan

Movies and plays have been made over and over again from this classic story by J.M. Barrie.

Pirate – The barking Kookaburra

Pirate is a lost baby kookaburra. He befriends a colourful bunch of dogs and a cat. His sense of fun turns their life upside down.

From Wine to Worms

Children are the future. Coincidentally, so is sustainability.

Little Kid Crafts Mini-Book

Crafting with Little Kids can be tremendous fun for you and your child when you pick age-appropriate activities, prepare all the materials in advance, and dedicate your time to that crafting period

The Jumbalees In Return Of The Captubots

Many, many years ago, the Jumbalees were captured from their distant home planet Jumbala by an evil robot race, the Captubots, to be used as servants.

Amazing Stories for James and Sam

This is a collection of stories that I made up for my two children, James and Sam, to stop them getting bored on long car journeys.

Shannon and Ally Love Fall

Shannon and Ally love the fall when they can go to the cabin and have fun with their cousins at Thanksgiving. Their new dog Becca has fun too, swimming in the pond.

Wandering Koala Saves Christmas

When Brent gets down because of so many taking Christ out of Christmas, the Wandering Koala takes matters into his own hands and shows his friends how they can take actiona and put Christ back in C

Bugs By Numbers

Here is a wonderful book with a bug theme, using repetition, rhyme, and interaction, with brightly coloured numbers and creepy crawlies to count. Suits 2 to 5 year olds.