Crime & Thriller

Straight And Narrow

Right before her fortieth birthday, Lisa Campana goes missing. Her best friend, Tara, is devastated and bewildered.

About Perfect Crime

The German author, writer of detective stories and well known under the pseudonym Ron B. Dawn, travels to the Baltic, to finally write the story of his life. A thriller about the perfect crime.

Field Walking

When a hit man crashes his car on the way to assassinate the Reverend Max Kingsley, a team of undercover police is sent to the New South Wales country town of Arajinna to protect him and his wife J

Snow White Must Die

"Snow White Must Die" is the story about a contract killer, that is engaged in a more than challenging job, as he knows the victim only a bit too well.

The Lost Symbol + Devil´s Bible

666 is supposed to be the number of the devil, but funnily enough, one has to dial up 555 first, to contact Satan via telephone, but only in films.

Death on the New Bridge

Kevin and Tanji had been invited to the formal opening of the New Bridge between England and Lyndesfarne.

Findo Gask: Goblin Detective

Down these mean streets - and these even meaner tunnels - a Goblin must go; tough, street-smart, one whose pride and honour separates him from the dregs, the scum of both worlds with whom, regretta

Bone Deep

Who knew going to work was so dangerous? Certainly not Dr Yasmine Knittel.

The Valet Of Darkshire Manor

The advertisement simply stated, “Wanted–valet for large household. Must love animals.” Desperate for a job, Edwin Thorpe responded and was immediately accepted.

Daddy Die Hard

After his father left his family, the author found a replacement in the unlikeliest of fictional characters - the gun-weilding, hard-cursing, cigarette-smoking John McClane from the movie Die Hard.