The Final Song

This novel embraces the age old themes of good and evil, naivety, love and ruin. It is basically a story about how evil can subtly ensnare a young life and destroy it.

The Hole Between Mine and Yours

Whether delving into the causes and cures for attraction and repulsion, considering crime and insanity, or wrestling her way out of bed, this selection of work delivers with consistently high level

Drill & Sanctimony

Overweight. Opinionated. Obsessed with video games and war movies. In U.S.

Picture Imperfect

Here is another mystery short story by Pepper Smith. It was first published in Mysterical-E, Fall 2009 Issue. We don't have a description or reviews at the moment.

The Uncle Hunt

Finding a long-time resident on a small island should have been easy, but no one seems to know him.


Here is the starkly realistic story of an obsolete American submarine in war time—trapped by the thundering herd of depth-charging destroyers overhead. . . .

Twist Turn And Burn

You will truly enjoy Twist Turn And Burn by Libby Heily. This is a collection of twelve flash fiction pieces.

The Apple Orchard Slingshot

Like most boys, Dave and Jack were always looking for ways to amuse themselves.

The Leaching of Ian Burns

In The Leaching of IAN BURNS, a cantankerous, no-nonsense old man arrives in heaven after dying in a fire.

Dumisani’s Gift

Dumisani’s gift is a deeply spiritual work of fiction, a unique novel that explores the psyche of South Africans who were affected by the country’s difficult past.