Cults are unfortunately big news these days. People are desperately searching for God and there are some really dangerous frauds, con-men and lunatics out there fleecing the flock.

Church and the Ministry in the Early Centuries

The aim of these Lectures is to pourtray the organized life of the Christian Society as
that was lived in the thousands of little communities formed by the proclamation of the

Ministry to the Shepherds

Content to live in the background due to her handicap of blindness, Rachel Hale creates a ministry to help ministers. She prays for them and helps them find resources.

Freedom for the World

HEAVEN'S INVASION IS UNDERWAY! God is now intervening! His Love Invasion is an all powerful move of the Holy Spirit to make ready a Bride and finish the work Jesus started in you and the world!

Mitt Romney and the Mormon Church

A brief review of the Mormon corporate empire and the power it holds over high priest and presidential candidate Mitt Romney, whose family has been a part of the Mormon Royalty since the Church's c

Truth for the World: Bible Question and Answer Booklet

A 242 page book filled with questions and answers about the Bible.

The Two Words That Will Transform Your Life

From the Author: "This small book is a prayer... an affirmation... a statement of knowing. It is a flame which was passed to me years ago and which I pass to you now.

Mass Deliverance

Win Worley had a deep understanding of the demonic and how demons operate in our lives and he had a powerful revelation for casting them out massively.

Mary And The Christian Life

Mary and the Christian Life is a simple book introducing the reader to Mary: what Scripture says about her, what Tradition teaches, and how all of that relates to our lives as disciples of Jesus.

You Have Angels

This e-book is designed to bring you to a starting place with comfortably connecting with your Angels on a regular basis for more peace, balance, and happiness, and to also help to resolve problems