More Than Moonlight

Jesse is having second thoughts about going on stage and is freaking out. But this is no time for the most important member of the band to freak out.

Courting Infidelity

Helen's husband has cheated on her several times. Driven by despair,she talks to a priest who persuades her to give her husband one more chance.

No Room For Regrets

Most people have some regret from their past they can’t seem to shake. Something they wish they’d done differently, or wish they hadn’t done at all.

Alejandro & Maela

Young lovers in Old Havana. But the girl catches the eye of an older man.

Runway Girl - Romance Short Story

She's the new hottest runway model in Milan, Paris and New York. He's the most saught after photographer in Italy. Victor Sheldon her agent hires him for the spring Italy fashion show week.

Hold On To Me: Inspirational Love

Steve and Carol are thrust into a parents worse nightmare... “911 what is your emergency?” said the operator. “It’s our son! He’s barely breathing! Send an ambulance.

Criss Cross - Romance Short Story

Sharon is attendnig the last day of a surgeons convention when she meets Marsha.

Weekend Guest

Former lovers reunite six months after Sheila abruptly disappeared, leaving Ryan a cryptic note. Over a weekend, Sheila dazzles Ryan with grandiose stories of her new life.

The Bride's Baby

The wedding of the season!