Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror

Elis Royd

Earth, paradoxically the galaxy’s ultimate conqueror and democratic savior, is besieged with applications for naturalization from extraterrestrial refugees.

The Tear Thief

In a world where emotions are disappearing, selling the tears containing these emotions has become a thriving industry.

Through Darkness And Stars

The follow-up to The Unearthing. An ancient Ship completing a millions-year old mission has taken Human passengers and crew on an historic voyage to the heart of an ancient cosmic dynasty.


Shadow was a zero, a nothing, one of a growing underclass thrown up in the wake of the vast corporate leviathans which daily swallow ever-growing tracts of a crumbling society.


Martin Roberts has made a successful career from painting, but is finding that his creativity is slipping away – stifled by his family life.

Churchsteeple text

Jim Cantrell is a disillusioned language teacher in Spain .

In Less Than A Second

In Less Than A Second is the story of a young woman who was recently involved in a car accident.

Flores Girl: The Children God Forgot

The two scientists, Sarah and Richard discover the existence of a living human ancestor, Homo floresiensis on an isolated tropical island.

After Life

The book is written in first-person, through the eyes of the main character, Alex Harris, PhD.

The Choice

The dilemma of having to choose between two different roads of life brings with it the fear of making the wrong decision.