Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror

Gardens of Ampheia

Gardens of Ampheia, is a prequel the newest sci-fi/fantasy series, Legends of Amun Ra.

Shadows of Time: Shadow Maiden

Her elven eyes open. She finds herself in a world and time not her own. Outside, the metal city is in revolt.

Cactus Land

The unease of a world unraveling is the essence of our time and of Cactus Land.

The Iron in Blood

Rebecca Harding is an ordinary teenager whose DNA hides an extraordinary secret.

The Darkness Binding: The Traitor of Aka

In a gothic world without a sun or moon, the execution of a young man named Atti is planned within the dystopian city of Aka.


A teenage girl with special powers runs away from home and encounters a group of werewolves.

A Spell Cast Volume Three

Finding Tristan is the only thing on Chloe’s mind. She is willing to do anything, go anywhere. Mystery, time travel, magic and a life saved.

A Spell Cast Volume Two

Mistaken identity, deeper secrets, danger and surprises. **** Oliver is mistaken for a descendant of the ancient Dearing family. Someone is owed and out to collect on an eight-hu

A Spell Cast Volume One

A Secret a move and they all meet. Chloe is eighteen when her family moves to England from California. She didn’t want to move and had a plan to go back home, until she saw Tristan Dearing.

The Gold Watch

While prospecting a creek in the Cariboo Mountains near Barkerville in 1866, Pete comes across the corpse of a murdered man clutching a gold watch in his hand.