Science & Geography

Project Earth Conservation

If you think that you are the only one who gets old, then, better think again.

Earth Friendly Planet

Apart from Antarctica (which is all one country), each chapter gives a detailed summary of every country on earth, focusing on the local environment and wildlife:

Souls of Distortion Awakening

"Souls of Distortion Awakening is a coherent view of the progress of science, through Newton, Einstein, quantum and post-quantum physics, to show how science is moving towards an understanding of t

Baltic Amber Handbook

Since the ancient times Amber has been a mysterious substance - always alive and constantly changing, similar to our human existence.

Beekeeping For All

Bees are very interesting little creatures. Discover everything you've ever wanted to know about beekeeping and bees.

Ouija Calling ET: Do You Copy?

The following is a true story about a series of Ouija board sessions which began much like many Ouija stories, recounting tales of communication with the spirits of the dearly – and some not-so-dea

Our Invisible Bodies

Do you survive the death of your physical body? What is the nature of the next body and universe you will inhabit?

What Is Motion

This book was being written over more than thirty years. The author has made an effort to create the universal theory of motion meeting the requirements of natural science that continuously grow.

George Adamski: The Story of a UFO Contactee

George Adamski (1891-1965) was a philosopher who lived on a mountain in California. In 1953 he was taken aboard a flying saucer (or so he claimed), and given a mission.