10 Stylish & Cool Homemade Kindle Cases

Amazon sold more than 4 million Kindles this holiday season, and there is a good chance you may have been one of those consumers. As with many new devices, there is usually no shortage of third party and homemade accessories to follow.

What does your Kindle case say about you? Do you like plain and boring things available to the masses, or would you rather have your own unique design? We found dozens of homemade cases we fell in love with, and thought we would share 10 of them with you. Some of these designs will include links to instructions on how to make your own. Hopefully you will get inspired and design your very own case.  If you want your case to stand out from the crowd, than making your own is the way to go.

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Purple cats and charcoal. Our first case is simple and perfect for all cat lovers out there. The Contrasting fabric is Ghastly Bramble in charcoal by Alexander Henry. (Image source: Annuin)

Birds and so much more. This colorful Kindle 3 case is made from Park Slope fabrics and features sew-in velcro tabs along with 3" squares. It was made from the tutorial at sometimescrafter. A joy to look at. (Image source: ljkdh)

A taste of mocha. We just love the fabric on this one. The mix of reds, black & white go so well together. This one also has sew-in velcro tabs. Perfect for coffee lovers. This design uses the tutorial from sometimescrafter. (Image source: ljkdh)

Simple contrast. Here is a Kindle 3 case with a very simple black & white design and extra pouches. What a beautiful pattern. (Image source: krissyannedesigns)

Queen Street: This Kindle case has some very interesting lines with soft blues and greens. A lot of fun movement in the design. The tutorial for this case can be found at westminsterfibers.com (40) (Image source: 100billionstars)

The grackle. This case is colorful with a modified picture of a bird taken from a trip to Phoenix. Another perfect example of a truly customized Kindle case. The tutorial can be found at sewingnovice.com. (Image source: coolquilting)

The red dragon. Another envelope style Kindle case with a lining made from silk to prevent scratches. The dragon fabric really makes it stand out. (Image source: Quiltingtexan's)

Standing Case. This is an impressive home made Kindle case that actually stands. It took the creator of this case only 3 tries to get it right. The tutorial for this case can be found at chicaandjo.com. (Image source: guessica)

Little mermaid. What a perfect case for the young adult. The fabric with the colorful mermaids is made of water resistant material and padded for extra protection. (Image source: Seaside Sew)

Purple stars. What a fantastic looking case. You just have to love the design on that fabric. A cord and button closure keeps the flap closed and the Kindle secure. (Image source: tobit_e)