3 Reasons Audio Books Are OK

3 Reasons Audio Books Are OK

If you’ve been a loyal book reader your entire life then you may be having trouble warming up to the idea of listening to a book rather than reading it. Yes, I am talking about the ever increasingly popular audio books. To long-time readers listening to a book rather than actually reading it can feel like cheating. I mean, we just got used to the transition from paper bound book to tablet. You may feel that people who favor audio books aren’t loyal and dedicated readers, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Much has changed about audio books since the days of soccer moms listening to books on tape in the car. Here are 3 reasons listening to audio books isn’t as bad as you think:

You Get To Hear The Story From The Author’s Point of View

Audio books which are read by the author are becoming a popular trend. Who better to hear the story from than the person who wrote it in the first place? Being able to hear the author’s emotion and inflections as the story is told really helps to pull you in and get you more emotionally involved than you may have been just reading it.

Audio Books Are Hands Free

We live in a fast paced society where we can never seem to have enough down time to do the things we enjoy – like reading. Audio books allow you to experience the books you want to read while allowing you to still get things done. You can listen to the latest bestseller while sitting behind a desk crunching numbers all day or while folding laundry on the weekend when otherwise you may not have been able to find the time to schedule it in.

You Can Experience Books You Would Not Usually Read

That may sound strange, but many people find it easier to listen to rather than actually read certain books. Have you ever wanted to read the classics like Pride & Prejudice or Moby Dick, but can’t make it through the first chapter without the words swimming in front of you and your head starting to ache? Listening to them on audio is much easier than actually reading them for many people and allows them to truly enjoy the depth and emotion which made the story a classic.