How To Start A Specialty Restaurant

How To Start A Specialty Restaurant

"How You Can Make Money Quickly & Easily With A Specialty Restaurant: Juice, Smoothies, Coffee and Fusion Concepts"

Here's the basic skinny on the juice, smoothie and coffee biz: People plunk down $4 dollars for a smoothie because they are willing to pay for health. They don't think twice about it! The government is watching the restaurant industry very carefully because the obesity epidemic. So, anything natural and healthy is hot! Couple that with gourmet coffee and you've got a fusion concept that is a real winner. I'm selling this starter eBook cheap! Why? Because I want to provide you with the basic information you will need to assess if this right for you. It's that simple.

Consumers are demanding healthier meal alternatives. Now is the time to cash in on this healthy income opportunity.

This easy-to-follow eBook will provide you with:

* An overview of the juice/smoothie and coffee industry.
* Start-up costs necessary to open your very own store.
* What kind of equipment you will need.
* How to select the best location.
* How to do basic planning.