5 Simple Steps To Improve Your Running Form

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Runners get injured and we get injured a lot. Compared to other sports our injury rates are alarmingly high. There is no getting away from it. Running is tough on the body. It is low bearing, repetitive and we do a lot of it. Think about a marathon....

You know, if you are running a four-hour marathon, averaging at about 160 strides per minute....that’s around 40,000 steps. And that is just the marathon day. Imagine if you also include the training before that. If you stop and wondering on what types of injuries we often get as runners, we will see a number of usual suspects:

- Runner’s knee.
- Shin splints.
- Achiles problems.
- Calf strains.
- Low back pain.
- Etc....

Those are just the common suspects we see in terms of running injuries. Usually, these injuries are overused in their nature. You can pretty much categorize any overused injury as a combination of poor technique and inappropriate training load exacerbating the problem, exacerbating the are that got tainted by the poor technique. Something has to give....

Technique becomes a real underlying factor that we need to get right for any given athlete to provide positive outcomes. Without proper technique, running would be a burden in the long run with constant injuries and pain, performance will not improve and in the worst case scenario, you will quit running altogether. These five tips will provide the basic information on how you can start improving your technique by applying good and proper running form. Head over to the next page to get your tips.