The European Union in Prophecy

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The European Union in Prophecy provides insightful perspectives on the E.U. both as a political project in integration and a transformation of an ancient order. One would discern that the aligned and centralised powers, which firmly resolved on unification, conceived and instituted united kingdoms, united states and united nations, still persevere in their efforts for a more robust and resilient E.U. However, unknown to most, the territorial aggrandisement, economic and military supremacy and global dominance of the E.U. have all been foretold in prophecy, millennia before the reign of the first European monarch. Spiritual forces that engineered the rise of the European thrones, also calculated the suppression of dissidence and incited merciless carnage. Although now paraded as an industrialised paragon of progress and self-made sophistication, this book elucidates on the enigmatic and clandestine alliances, decrees and dogmas that consolidated Eurocentricity that moulded modern civilisation. Indeed, despite rooted religiopolitical tensions and divergences, a peculiar one-minded homogenisation facilitates the unification process.