Freedom From Nicotine: The Journey Home

Freedom From Nicotine: The Journey Home
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You may or may not like reading books but if a slave to nicotine then this one has the potential to alter your thinking, mind and life.

As hard as it may be to believe, ending nicotine use does not need to be a horrible or even a
bad experience. In fact, learning to live nicotine-free can be our greatest personal awakening
ever. Why? Because with knowledge as your ally, you are about to discover that you’ve
journeyed far, far from the beautiful pre-nicotine mind you once called home. Hopefully you
are about to awaken to the realization that “educated cold turkey” is a quitting method, that
knowledge is power.

Insights, understanding and the confidence flowing from them can destroy needless fears and anxieties. The pages that follow offer understanding as a tool for diminishing both.