Gardens of Ampheia

Gardens of Ampheia
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Gardens of Ampheia, is a prequel the newest sci-fi/fantasy series, Legends of Amun Ra. Transporting readers to an ancient Greece, Gardens of Ampheia is set 7,000 years before the events of The Emerald Tablet, the first book in the Legends of Amun Ra series.

Gardens of Ampheia focuses on Thea, a girl struggling to find her place in the world. But when she discovers she has abilities which descend from the ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses and are anything but normal, events quickly run out of control. After a terrible accident, Thea is left alone. She will be forced to find out the truth about her past and follow her destiny, even if it leads the world into chaos.

All Fantasy World’s said: “The battle scenes were perfect, just like in “The Emerald Tablet”. Vivid images, a lot of action, and a determined Thea who is not very sure of what she is doing, but she knows she wants to save Messenia.”

Tome Tender reviews said: “The attention to detail throughout the story creates a living and breathing world laced with the author’s knowledge of ancient Greek history and its gods.”