Merchants Of Deception

Merchants Of Deception
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This free version of Merchants Of Deception may not be around for long, so grab your copy today. This book is an insider's look at the worldwide, systematic conspiracy of lies that is Amway / Quixtar and their motivational organizations. The book is 318 pages long, and believe it or not, the text book is selling for around $95.00. So take advantage of this opportunity right now before the link is gone for ever...

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"Merchants of Deception - Written by a former government auditor and high level Amway insider who was the last one who wanted to discover massive consumer fraud. This book is gripping tale for anyone who has been or loves someone who has been recruited into a network marketing business. This well documented book has been utilized by government authorities in both India and the UK to take action against Amway's deceptive business scheme which knowingly has created losses for the majority of all induced to invest."