Probability Theory: The Logic of Science

Probability Theory: The Logic of Science
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E. T. Jaynes died April 30, 1998. Before his death he asked me to nish and publish his book on probability theory. I struggled with this for some time, because there is no doubt in my mind that Jaynes wanted this book nished. Unfortunately, most of the later Chapters, Jaynes' intended volume 2 on applications, were either missing or incomplete and some of the early also Chapters had missing pieces. I could have written these latter Chapters and lled the missing pieces, but if I did so, the work would no longer belong to Jaynes; rather, it would be a Jaynes-Bretthorst hybrid with no way to tell which material came from which author. In the end, I decided that the missing
Chapters would have to stay missing|the work would remain Jaynes'.

There were a number of missing pieces of varying length that Jaynes had marked by inserting the phrase \MUCH MORE COMING." I could have left these comments in the text, but they were ugly and they made the book looks very incomplete. Jaynes intended this book to serve as both a reference and a text book. Consequently, there are question boxes scattered throughout most Chapters. In the end, I decided to replace the \MUCH MORE COMING" comments by introducing an \editors" question box. If you answer these questions, you will have lled in the
missing material. You will be able to identify these questions because I used a shaded box for the editors questions, while Jaynes' question boxes are not shaded.