Puppets of Faith: Theory of Communal Strife

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When a bunch of apparently non-practicing Musalmans headed by Mohamed Atta launched that fidayeen attack on New York’s World Trade Centre that Sep 11, the world at large, by then familiar with the ways of the Islamic terrorism, was at a loss to fathom the unthinkable source of that unexpected means of the new Islamist scourge. The symptoms of a latent terrorist in the Muslim youth can be traced to the sublimity of Muhammad's preaching’s in Mecca and the severity of his Medina sermons make Islam a Janus-faced faith that forever bedevils the mind of the Musalmans.

This novel nonfiction probes the mind of the Musalmans, afflicted by the Islamic psyche shaped by the proclivities of their prophet, vicissitudes of his life, attitudes of his detractors, and the credulity of the Umma, with the twin scanners of Thomas A. Harris' “I’m Ok - You’re Ok” and Roland E Miller’s Muslim Friends–Their Faith and Feeling to sketch the anatomy of Islam that explains the Atta phenomenon.

Also examined herein is how the Hindu sanatana dharma came to survive in India in spite of the onslaught on it, first by Islam and then by the Christianity, for over a millennium.