Reimagining God: Turning the light off to look for truth in the corner of a dark round room

Reimagining God
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This book began in February 2009 as a brief article on The Shack. Now, nearly four years later, this not-so-brief book is done and covers the larger picture. With a heavy heart, I present its in-depth look at the emerging new way of thinking that is quite thoroughly pervading today’s Christianity. From Christianity to the New Age to science and everything in between, the new way of thinking is merging it all into a whole new faith of a whole new “God” of a whole new humanity and world. Everything is changing—for a reason.

Carefully consider this question: How important are the words in God’s Word to you? It is these words that tell us Who God is. It is these words that tell us how to live and how to have God’s salvation and eternal life. It is these words that are indispensable on every level. Yet it is these words that are purposely being dispensed with, not just in the world, but in today’s Christianity. A wordless text can neither be believed nor obeyed. To fall away from the words of the Word of God is to fall away from God.