Of Rice and Yen: An Englishman’s look at the best and worst of Japan; the pleasures and pains, the gems and the jaw-droppers

Of Rice and Yen
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Of Rice and Yen is a book on Japanese society, people, and culture with a refreshing difference. A truly honest and balanced account of the country, it covers not only the good aspects of Japanese society but, uniquely, provides a concise and critical account of the worst bits as well.

Forty carefully selected topics, twenty positive and twenty negative, paint a personalized and demystified account of the country in an entertaining, at times witty, and always revealing manner. From men with steel balls to waitresses with no pants, from electric baths to squirting toilets, and from golden turds to exquisite cuisine, this book has it all in a straight-punching account of Japan in all its naked splendour.