The Roots of Rebellion

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The Roots of Rebellion erupts from the fertile soil of profound discontent, self-determination and insatiable striving for liberty and power. Originating from the clash of two ancient kingdoms and unfurling at the world's spiritual epicentres, this book declares the virulent and intractable enmity to truth; resulting in embattled sequels of tyranny, revolution and outbreaks of hostility and persecution, all yielding the bitter fruit of anarchy. The mystery of rebellion dominates the seats of government and rages in the hearts of humankind. Flourishing into mature, passionate and intrepid subversion, the instruments of rebellion construct and establish an order of chaos and coercion; commanding universal compliance and cooperation. As it effectively enlightens on the secret underpinnings of one world government and hegemonic imperialism, the reader is armed to encounter and counter the greatest deception of all time.