A Year In The Life Of The Man Who Fell Asleep

A Year In The Life Of The Man Who Fell Asleep
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Themanwhofellasleep lives in a mythical London. It’s not the London of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. It’s not the London of Notting Hill, café lattes and Fresh & Wild. It’s the London of ceaselessly sprawling suburbia, of ghost tube stations and dilapidated newsagents. And polar bears.

And it’s the perfect backing for this novel, because it’s a London that doesn’t work. It’s a city of cancelled trains, exorbitant rents and early closing shops. It’s a city that is falling asleep. It’s a city with a dead whale floating down the Thames.

This book is about finding your own reality. Not in an airy-fairy way; I’m not talking about running home from the disco and hiding in your bedroom. It’s about understanding that you can find mesmerising beauty or horrifying squalor around every corner. London is a city with 10 million different faces, and any one of them could be an assassin, a lover,
a Greek God or an angry postman. And the jokes!