The Butterfly Forest

He hid the old pencil-drawn map for 40 years. The guards never found it.

Fire And Ice

Maia Pierce is good at her job as a top agent for a private security firm. But her latest assignment is compromised when a past mission is about to catch up with her.

Wizard Of The Wasteland

Abel survived the apocalypse but drugs nearly killed him. He scratches out a living scavenging for anything of value until he witnesses something incredible…the Wizard of the Wasteland.


Two teens are caught in the cross hairs when they discover a government conspiracy that could destroy their country in this timely, fast-paced thriller.

Come What May

Until he met vampire hunter Jack Harlan, Sam Fisher lived a quiet, peaceful life.

Does Affiliate Marketing Still Work in 2018?

By now you’ve probably heard the term “affiliate marketing” a million times. But does it still work in 2018?