Come What May

Until he met vampire hunter Jack Harlan, Sam Fisher lived a quiet, peaceful life.

Does Affiliate Marketing Still Work in 2018?

By now you’ve probably heard the term “affiliate marketing” a million times. You probably have friends that have been making money online for years as a network affiliate.

Raising The Phoenix

For ten years Savannah’s father groomed her to take over in the event something happened to him. She never expected it to happen so soon.

Sophie’s Light

Sophie lives in a most peculiar cottage at the center of the Forgotten Forest, its inside much larger than its outside.

Starboard Secrets

Millie Sanders’ happily ever after is suddenly destroyed when her husband of 35 years comes home one day and informs her that he is leaving her for another woman.

The Butterfly Code

A forbidden transformation. A brilliant hope. Aeris, a musical prodigy, is visiting her father’s small town when she finds herself the victim of a deadly accident.